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3712Re: Unity Games Logo

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  • Mark Edwards
    Feb 2, 2001
      --- In Unity_Games@y..., "Eddie Campisano" <edcamp@i...> wrote:
      ><snip> It's perfect the way it is.

      Ohhhh, isn't that sweet. Gaaahhh, you "nice" people make me ill.
      No wonder the Morlocks decided to eat the Eloi in "The Time Machine".

      Dave I'd love to see those tweaked logos whenever you're done with
      them. And I like Eddie's idea about the more bolded letters. It
      preserves the white letters but makes them stick out from the
      background a bit more.
      His idea about the use of a background color is all wet though,
      feel free to ignore that one. Heheh. Actually I just don't know how
      the background color would work. I'd think it would screw things
      up by giving the background a shape? It just wouldn't look right on
      And feel free to ignore Andrew...(whisper mode on) he's a Brit you
      know. Anyone with English in their bloodline can't possibly have
      anything worthwhile to contribute concerning aesthetics. ;-)

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