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3702Re: [Unity_Games] Re: Unity Games Logo

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  • Craig Massey
    Feb 2, 2001
      --- Eddie Campisano <edcamp@...> wrote:
      Eddie Implored:
      > But, seriously, I think having the UG logo on a
      > T-shirt is a good
      > idea. Even if we can't get it done for UGII, we can
      > still do it.
      > There's no need to rush into this, but every lawn
      > care and trash
      > company has their own T-shirts displaying their
      > company logo; so why
      > not us too?! And, as I said before, I'm willing to
      > put up some cash
      > in advance. Hey, I'd rather wear a UG T-shirt than a
      > Boardgame Geek T-
      > shirt!

      I'm all for the t-shirt idea. I can't think of a good
      reason not to do it.

      Thanks to Dave F. for the great work. I like the
      logo, but like mark a smidge of color in the UG would
      be nice. I would also like to see a few other logos
      if there are some other ideas out there before going
      ahead with the t-shirt thing. Dave did a great job on
      the first and it looks great, but I'm all about
      choices. If there are any other suggestions, let's
      see em and do a poll as Andrew suggested. Heck maybe
      Dave has a few other logos besides his first pass. We
      have plenty of time before UGII to do this.


      Craig W. Massey

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