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34176FRAMINGCON is this weekend - final reminder / starts Friday at 7:30

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  • muttstain2
    Aug 21, 2014
      Another party weekend is almost here, and once again, the final preparations are going to be tight. I always seem to manage to get things done - hopefully it will not change this time...
      A couple of important items to start:
      I had promised people that they could watch the Doctor Who premiere in the theater at 8:00 on Saturday, figuring we could start the party game at 9:00.  Well, I goofed. The episode is 2-hours long, so it won't be over until 10:00. So we have a couple of options.
      Since Rob will be running Haste Worte, we can probably get away without using the theater.  We can convene in the loft, and use the Living Room, Dinning Room and Loft as the three team areas. Of course this means that the people watching the show won't be able to play.  The other options are for the people who want to watch Dr Who to use one of the other smaller TV's, or to watch the 2nd airing at 11:00. I will let you guys decide.
      Next, the one major issue we always seem to have is the crowding at dinner time. The kitchen is simply not big enough to handle all the people grabbing for the food. So, weather permitting, I will be putting some serving tables on the patio. Since the grill is out there anyway, it's easy enough to serve the burgers and hot dogs out there. I will probably put the chili out there as well, though it will be a bit more difficult to keep an eye on.  As a reminder, the chili is vegetarian, so I ask people who want to add meat to keep the serving utensils separate. We'll see if this works any better, though for the winter parties, this may be an issue.
      Lots more new games have just arrived, and my home-made Stone Age expansion is now ready for testing as well. It's been on the back burner for nearly 2-years, and after the really lousy official expansion, I nearly shelved it...
      I ended up buying a new PS3, so BUZZ and ROCK BAND will indeed be available. I am having problems with the settings though for watching movies, and everyone keeps telling me to change settings I can't find. I may need some help with this - (Vitas, Cheryl, Joe?? Buehler???)
      I anticipate a lot of new faces, as this is the first time this event has been posted to the Metrowest Gamers meetup. I am thinking of asking people to wear name tags. I know it's a bit tacky, but it really helps. Just in the last two months, there have been nearly a dozen new attendees to FRAGS as well, and it makes things a bit easier on everyone with bad memories, like me.
      As a reminder, Framingham has odd/even side parking. This year is EVEN, so please park across the street.
      I have had a number of people ask about donations. This event is ABSOLUTELY FREE. If you feel like bringing snacks or beverages to share, or a game to play, that is welcomed,but not necessary. I do this because I enjoy it.
      If anyone is going back to the Cambridge area on Friday night, and could give someone a ride, please let me know. As of now, I believe he will be getting here via the train, but it would be nice to get him home by car.
      Lastly, the doorbell does not seem to be working, and the screen door is not latching. Feel free to just come on in when you arrive, but PLEASE latch the door behind you. The cat will be 20 years old next week, and I don't think she will try to get out, but I already lost one that way, and I really do not want it to happen again.
      If anyone has any questions, please email me.
      As always, this event is open to all members of MENSA, UNITY GAMES, METROWEST GAMERS, MEETUP and more.
      I hope to see a lot of you this weekend,
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