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  • Unity_Games@yahoogroups.com
    May 11, 2014
      Unity Games Etiquette - REVISED January 25, 2006

      This is an auto-post... Please read carefully so that the UG list is a more efficient place for both posters and readers.

      The number of posts for the Unity Games list has grown rather substantially in the past months and so here are a few tips to help those who feel a bit lost under the weight of the emails.

      1. When posting to the Unity Games list, try to keep your subject lines in tune with the content of your message. If you reply to one email but the subject starts to drift, please feel free to change the subject line to reflect the new topic. This makes it much easier for those reading to filter on the subjects that interest them most.

      2. When posting to the Unity Games list, try to cut down on the unnecessary quoted text (text from the person you are replying to). This is especially true of the boiler-plate Unity Games material that is appended to every posted message. It's hard to read these messages with lots of extra quoted text - especially in digest mode. The number of messages has grown substantially lately and not everyone can keep up - so please be judicious in cutting out text in replies.

      3. If the number of messages is getting to you (!!), feel free to go into digest mode where you receive one message a couple times each day containing a digest of all posts. You get the same information, but slightly delayed. There is also web-based browsing of the group where you can read the messages online (and get no emails). You can configure this at the Unity Games homepage (see below for the link - use the Edit My Membership option from the UG homepage) or you can send a message to Unity_Games-owner@yahoogroups.com and we can do it for you. If you decided to stay in email mode, be aware that most good email clients allow you to filter your incoming messages and file them away in a folder different from your "inbox". You can easily search on the word "[Unity_Games]" which appears in every message from the list and use that to trigger storing your messages in a convenient folder for later viewing.

      4. To help people filter on content that is most appropriate for them, please use the following tags in your subject lines (the braces should be included to make the tag stand-out for filtering):

      [OT] - For posts which are off topic.
      [SA] - For Session Announcements (the auto-poster uses "Reminder from the Calendar of Unity_Games" as the first line).
      [SR] - For Session Reports and games played during local Sessions.
      [GR] - For Game Reviews.
      [META] - for discussions on or about the UG list.

      Posts without a tag will be for general game-related discussions, asking about sessions, discussions of the big Unity Games days, etc. If you miss using a tag, don't follow up the post with an apology - just let it slide and hopefully anyone responding will add a tag if needed. Again, most general discussion can go tag-less. This will go a long way to allowing people to filter on the UG content. Remember, all UG posts will have the "[Unity_Games]" tag automatically applied so these additional tags are used to filter and sort within Unity Games content.

      5. Speaking of off-topic posts... Please try to keep these to a minimum. General game discussion is fine but the list has gotten large enough that off-topic comments (even if short) can overpower and bury the reader as they might not have time to read everything. I've gotten emails from people who have missed event announcements buried around lots of off-topic or only marginally game related postings. Posting short semi-off-topic or humorous follow-ups to messages is perfectly fine - just cut down on the original post as much as possible to keep the read-time short for others.

      6. We do allow occasional game-related for-sale or for-trade messages as well. These should be only for personal trade/sell game-related items and should not be too frequent - do not flood the list with personal sales emails. If you have more than one item for sale/trade, consider posting them together in a single discrete email. Do not conduct your sales on the UG list - after the initial post please keep all excahnges/haggles off-list in private email. Basically, a good use of this is when someone wants to clean out thier closet and sell/trade games to local friends to save on shipping, hassle, etc. Mentioning bargains found at a store you have no affiliation with is fine (and encouraged!). We currently do not allow any auctions on this forum (either direct auctions or links to auctions at another site like ebay) and we do not allow posts from commercial sources (stores or other related parties).

      Taking the time to read and understand these steps will make reading the UG list more enjoyable for everyone. Thanks!

      To configure into digest mode or to change any of your settings, you can visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Unity_Games

      Our main homepage is now at http://www.unitygames.org

      Dave Bernazzani
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