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  • robert kircher
    Jan 19, 2014
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      There are lots of open gaming at Total Confusion.  We added more tables this year for board games to give more space.  Last year players who were looking for a game stood around the library desk.  This year we'll put up a kiosk sign for a jump start area to help players find games.
         We realize that open gaming might be tough for players who are by themselves and don't have a group.  That is why we have also offer scheduled gaming and many teaching games throughout the weekend.  We also will have a teaching game for each of the tournament games.
         I would also look again at the tournament games as an extension of scheduled gaming.  You don't have to play in all the sessions or even plan to play in the next round.  It's an excellent opportunity to play games with different people who are familiar with the game.


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      How is Total Con for open gaming? Frankly, I just want to go play a bunch of games that I don't own with like-minded people. I'm not interested in tournaments and points.
      Well, if the big Unity event is the gold standard for open gaming, TotalCon might be in the bronze range. In my experience, around 2/3 of the games I play at TotalCon are scheduled events, with the remainder being pickup games. Partly, this may because of who I know (or rather, don’t know). Having only gone to TotalCon a couple times, most of the faces are unfamiliar to me. Since I don’t know people and TotalCon doesn’t have (and maybe couldn’t support) a “jump start” area like Unity, I find it hard to find or organize a pick-up game. So, most of the pickup games I’ve played are with the small number of people that I do know (maybe from playing in a scheduled event), where we get talking and I say, “Oh, I’ve got a copy of Claustrophobia in my room; I’ll go get it.” Later in the evening on Friday and Saturday, I’ve also been roped into the occasional pick-up game, when I’m walking through the room and someone says, “Hey, we could use another player in Libertalia—want to play?” Once, I think, I found a pick-up game by standing in front of the board game library and looking at the shelves until someone else walked up, then picking a game to play together. I’d like to see that happen more often, but so far it hasn’t.

      All that said, I generally avoid the tournaments and don’t care about the points, but I do sign up for scheduled events of games that I’m interested in. In addition, if you linger in the play area during the start of a scheduled block, there’s almost always a scheduled game with room to fit you in—especially if you don’t care about the tournament. It may not have been your first-choice of game to play, but you might not get that with open gaming, either.



      – As noted, I'm a relative newcomer to TotalCon. That means I don’t know a lot of the regulars, nor do I know who are regulars and who are fellow newbies. It also means I might just have not figured out how to work the room, yet.

      – I have two low-gaming kids that my wife and I take to TotalCon with us. Since we’re usually trading off time supervising them, I have less time to just wander around the gaming room looking for a game. No doubt, that has affected my ability to find a pickup game. (It’s also at least part of the reason that I don’t care about points—I don't get enough table time to be competitive even if I wanted to be.)

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