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33887Closet Cleaning sale for delivery at UG XX, first pass

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  • Chad Bergeron
    Jan 18, 2014
      It is time for me to finally admit that I have too many games. My
      weakness is your opportunity though. All of the below games are for
      sale and available for delivery at UG XX. Email me off list if you are
      interested in any of these games, or if you have any questions.

      -Chad Bergeron

      $5 Games
      Doolittle & Waite
      Wff 'N Proof
      Lord of the Rings: The Duel
      Elemental Rift
      Jenga Xtreme
      Rhumb Line
      Roll and Score Bingo

      $10 Games
      Chez Goth (in shrink)
      Apples to Apples - Bible Edition (still in shrinkwrap)
      Euphrates and Tigres card game
      Zombie Dice (Still in Shrink)
      Point of Law
      The Reef

      $15 Games
      Cosmic Encounter (Avalon Hill)
      Carcassone: The Castle
      Pony Express
      Augsberg 1520
      Gobblet (all wood in a wooden case)

      $20 Games
      Hollywood Blockbuster (Uberplay)
      Queen's Necklace
      Jambo with Expansion

      $25 Games
      Acquire (Avalon Hill 2008, still in shrink)
      Girl Genius The Works
      Wiz-War (8th)
      Hera and Zeus
      Small World Realms (Still in shrinkwrap)
      Shadows over Camelot card game with promo cards
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