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33724Re: [Unity_Games] RE: Unity Games 20

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  • hotc3
    Sep 25, 2013
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      > Mr Tact, at it again.
      > But he's right. There currently is not enough impetus among the folks
      > running the Unity Games event to extend it into 2 days.


      >> I've seen this movie more than once, so I'll give you a short version of
      >> the official response that may or may not come.
      >> No.

      For a refreshing change of pace I agree with Mark Edwards. We've had this
      discussion before and after every event since UG I, back when the earth
      was cooling. We've concluded that it's not something we want to organize,
      and it's not necessarily something people will attend. This is, and at
      least under current steering will remain, a one-day event.

      TotalCon is a great local alternative; so is Carnage up in Vermont. UG is
      - a day of gaming.


      Walter H. Hunt
      Grand Historian, Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
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