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  • Mark Edwards
    Sep 25, 2013
      Mr Tact, at it again.

      But he's right.  There currently is not enough impetus among the folks running the Unity Games event to extend it into 2 days.

      I highly encourage those that are looking for a 2+ day gaming event to look into Total Con which takes place in February in Mansfield.  I believe Rob Kircher is still running the board gaming and he's done a great job with organizing tournaments, open gaming and even making a library of games available.

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      I've seen this movie more than once, so I'll give you a short version of the official response that may or may not come.



      They don't want to. If you believe that strongly in a two day event, you are encouraged to organize it.

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      Hi all,
      Just curious: Has there been any discussion about making this a 2-day event? I think I come away ever year hoping I could have played Game X, Y and Z had I had more time.


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