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  • Mark Edwards
    Sep 25, 2013
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      Mr Tact, at it again.

      But he's right.  There currently is not enough impetus among the folks running the Unity Games event to extend it into 2 days.

      I highly encourage those that are looking for a 2+ day gaming event to look into Total Con which takes place in February in Mansfield.  I believe Rob Kircher is still running the board gaming and he's done a great job with organizing tournaments, open gaming and even making a library of games available.

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      I've seen this movie more than once, so I'll give you a short version of the official response that may or may not come.



      They don't want to. If you believe that strongly in a two day event, you are encouraged to organize it.

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      Hi all,
      Just curious: Has there been any discussion about making this a 2-day event? I think I come away ever year hoping I could have played Game X, Y and Z had I had more time.


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