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33660FRAMINGCON will be August 30 through September 1st in Framingham

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  • muttstain2
    Aug 3, 2013
      About 75% of the people who responded (including Pete and Kimberly, Jerry,
      and Ryan) indicated that they prefer this weekend, so the next Framingcon
      will take place from August 30th through September 1st. We will start Friday
      night at 7:30 and run through at least midnight Sunday night. Apologies to
      Andy, Cally and Elaine if they do end up having their party that weekend
      as well, but since mine is 3 days and theirs will be one, I hope people can
      make it to both.

      Join me for a weekend of gaming at my home in Framingham. As always, dinner
      will be provided on Saturday night, and there is plenty of room for people
      to stay over. Once again there will be a big party game in the theater on
      Saturday night for everyone to participate in.

      In addition to hundreds of games, there is a full size pool table, and the
      theater which will be available for BUZZ and Rock Band on the PS3, or if
      you want a break from gaming, feel free to watch a movie from my library of
      over 6.000 titles.

      Over the last few weeks, a number of the Kickstarter games I backed have
      been coming in. While many have been disappointing, there are a few that are
      playable, and even a couple that are good. The ones I did not like will be
      available for people to try out, and if anyone wants them, along with any
      of the Kickstarter exclusives that came with them, we can work something out.

      The Winter Street Bridge construction SHOULD be done by the end of August.
      Feel free to contact me if you need instructions on how to navigate the
      detour just in case, or if you need the address.

      This event is open to all members of Unity games, MENSA, Meetup, friends,
      friends of friends, and anyone else who sees this invitation.

      FRAGS continues to meet every Thursday at 7:30, and again all are welcome.
      We had enough players for Cancellation Hearts this past Friday, so there
      will be another game on September 5th. And movie night continues on Tuesdays,
      with the pre-show at 7:00 and a cheesy movie at 8:00. Movies are normally
      announced on Sunday night. This week's film is a comedic take on Rosemary's
      Baby from the producers of Reno-911.

      Updates to follow soon.


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