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33646Re: [Unity_Games] Game recommendations

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  • Jeff Michaud
    Jul 24 8:10 AM
      Hi Kevin

      I 2nd or 3rd some of the recommendations you've already
      got. You may also want to try boardgamegeek, they've now
      got (they may have always had it but I didn't notice) a
      "Gaming With Kids" forum:


      As for "gaming with kids" gatherings/sessions, last year (I
      believe) a subset of SOG (Suburban Outcast Gamers)
      had a couple sessions, I think one of them was in the
      Andover area which is relatively close to them.


      As for my own recommendation, if you want to have
      gaming fun and help reinforce their basic math
      skills, and I think they are the right ages, is

      Hare & Tortoise

      Happy Gaming!


      At 07:54 AM 7/24/2013, you wrote:
      >Does anyone have any other recommendations for games for them? Preferably
      >4-player ones that they can all play together.
      >Also, they live on the North Shore (Swampscott, I think). Are there any
      >newbie-friendly and kid-friendly game gatherings close to them?
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