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33599Big Game Sale

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  • chefdave28
    Jun 15, 2013
      *** Respond Directly to my Email NOT THIS POST ***


      Games must be picked up in Newton, MA.
      I will have an open pick-up time Saturday June 22 from 9-12. Other pickup times are possible but must be mutually agreed upon.
      Cash preferable.

      List of Games:

      $25 and above

      Moongha Invaders – Club TreEmme. Very good condition. $65
      Union Pacific – Amigo Edition. English Rule Printout. Language Independent. Very Good $30
      Glen More – Rio Grande Edition. Very good condition. $30
      Merchants of Venus – AH Edition. Very Good Condition. $60
      Titan – AH Very Good Condition. $40
      Grand Cru – Eggerspiele. English Printout of rules. Like New Condition. $30
      2038 – Tim Jim Games Very Good Condition. $25
      Urban Sprawl – GMT Games. Like New Condition. $25
      Jambo + both expansions – Rio Grande Games. Very good condition. $25
      Battleball – Milton Bradley. New In Shrink. $20
      Diamant -- Schmidt Spiele Edition (Includes PnP center board) -- $25

      End of the Triumvirate – Z-Man Games Edition. Very Good Condition.
      Memoir 44 – Days of Wonder. Like New.
      Way Out West – Warfrog Edition. Like New.
      Wings War plus 4 planes from Series 1 – FFG. Very good condition.
      Take It To The Limit – Burley Games. Very Good Condition. $15

      Yspahan – Ystari/Rio Grande Edition. Very Good Condition.
      Heartland – Pegasus Spiele. Ding/Dent Copy with one slightly crushed corner.
      Fifth Avenue – Rio Grande/Alea – Very Good Condition.
      Stratum – Family Game. Good condition. Minimal Shelf Wear.
      Combat Soldiers: In The Battle of the Bulge
      Siesta – Goldsieber. Good Condition. Minimal Shelf Wear.
      Code 777 – Stronghold Games. Like New Condition.
      Lord Rings Chess Set – Parker Brothers. Beautiful LotR Miniatures.
      Zertz – Rio Grande Edition. Very Good Condition.
      Bazaar – Discovery Toys Special Edition. New In Shrink.
      O Zoo le Mio – Rio Grande Edition. Like New Condition.
      Masons – Rio Grande Edition. Good Condition.
      Ivanhoe – GMT Game. Like New Condition.
      Medici vs. Strozzi – Rio Grande Edition. Good Condition.
      Restaurant Row – Pair of Dice Games. White Box has few ink stains. Components like new.
      Cosmic Encounter – AH edition. Good Condition.
      Fealty – Asmadi Games first edition in white box. Good Condition.
      Liar's Dice – MB Edition. All dice present. Box solid but some shelf wear.
      The Hobbit – FFG 2010 Edition. One split corner. Parts are like new condition.
      Tuf plus Tuf Abet – AH Editions. Missing 3 timers of the 6 between both games. Shelf wear.
      Roulette Wheel -- Vintage German. Bakelite. Betting Chips. Missing Original Roulette Ball.
      Innovation -- Iello Edition. Like New Condition.
      Micro Mutants – Nexus Games. Very Good Condition.
      Khet the Laser Game – Innovention Games. Laser Beam Works. Good Condition.
      Dominant Species Card Game – GMT Games. Very Good Condition.
      Triumvirate – Indie Board Games. Very Good Condition.
      You're Bluffing – Ravensburger. Cards still in shrink. Very Good Condition.
      Qwirkle Cubes – Mindware Edition. Very good condition.
      Siena – Z-Man Edition. Very Good Condition.
      Roll Through the Ages – Eagle Games. First Edition. Good Condition.
      Clippers – Euro Games Edition. Very Good Condition.
      Risk: Lord of the Rings Trilogy – Complete. Some box damage.

      Poison – Playroom Entertainment. Good Condition.
      The Bridges of Shangri-La – Uberplay Edition. Very Good Condition.
      Pizza Box Baseball – Very Good Condition.
      Campaign Manager 2008 – Z-Man Games. Very Good Condition. $5
      Go – Lowe Games Edition. Circa 1950s edition. Heavy Wood Board. Good Condition. $5
      Knights of Charlemagne – Playroom Entertainment. Very Good Condition. $5
      Cities – Emma Games Edition. Very Good Condition.
      Bucaneer – Queen Games Edition. Very Good Condition.
      Lord of Rings -- The Duel – Rio Grande Edition. Good Condition.
      Color Stix – Mindware. Good Condition. Box Top Flap (tuck box style) won't stay completely closed. Race for Galaxy – Rio Grande Edition. Fair Condition. Player copy.
      Make N' Break Extreme – Ravensburger. Good Condition.
      Sly – Amway Edition. Sid Sackson 1970s game. Good Condition.
      Travel Blog – Z-Man Games. Very good condition.
      Castellars – Devir Edition. Very Good Condition.
      Sequence Jumbo – Jax Edition. Large vinyl playing mat. Good condition.
      Attack – Eagle Games. Good Condtion.
      Catan the Card Game – Mayfair Games. Good Condition.
      Gloria Pickoria – Rio Grande Edition. Like New Condition.
      Coloretto Amazonas – Abacus Spiele. English Printout of Rules. Like New.
      Byzanz – Amigo. Like New Condition. English rules printout.
      BullenParty – Amigo. Like New Condition. English rules printout.
      Knatsch – Abacus Spiele. Good Condition. Expansions Included. English Rules printout.
      Genial Das Kartenspiel – Kosmos. English Rules on BGG.
      Serengeti – Abacus Spiele with English Rules. Like New Condition.
      Pocket Battles: Celts vs. Romans – Z-Man Games. Like New Condition.
      Hornochsen – Amigo Edition. English rules printout. Like New Condition.
      Manitou – Goldsieber Edition. Very Good Condition. English Rules Printout.
      Bugs – Valley Games Edition. Like New Condition.
      Catch the Mouse – Galt Games Edition. Fair Condition.
      Felix: The Cat In The Sack – Rio Grande. Very Good Condition.
      Strata 5 -- Milton Bradley. Good Condition

      Thanks for looking,
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