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33532PSG This Tuesday!

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  • Felix A Rodriguez
    May 5, 2013
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      Finally the good weather is here. Not sure how that relates to indoor
      gaming, but it is a true statement nonetheless.

      Once again, this TUESDAY, there's board gaming at my house (335 Highland
      Ave Apt 2, Somerville) - about a 7 minute walk from either Davis Square
      T stop or Porter Square T. The fun starts at 7:00 and typically ends
      around 11:00 or so. Everyone is welcome to come (including newcomers and
      friends), but PLEASE E-mail RSVP so I get an idea on the person count.

      As a further incentive for you to come gaming at this time is that I'm
      sad to say that this will be the only game night this month. The next
      game night will be cancelled due to unmovable circumstances. Gaming will
      resume in four weeks - on June 4th.

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