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33530Framingcon reminder - May 17th - 19th - Games, movies, etc.

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  • muttstain2
    May 2, 2013
      Less than three weeks until the next Framingcon weekend.

      I have been backing a bunch of games recently on Kickstarter, and hopefully
      at least some of them will be here in time. I also have bought a lot of
      new games as well.

      We start Friday night at 7:30 and continue on until Sunday night at around
      2:00 am. Dinner is provided on Saturday night, and there is plenty of room
      for people to stay over.

      We generally stay up until around 6:00 am Friday and Saturday, so people
      are encouraged not to come before noon on Saturday and Sunday. I will be
      joining Christine at the Cancer Walk at Natick High on Saturday at noon, and
      others are welcome to come (there's a free lunch). But I will leave Jerry in
      charge and gaming will still happen for a couple of hours without me.

      Not sure yet whether the 2 game demos that were snowed out in February can
      be rescheduled (Hull Breach did fund on Kickstarter so the guys are hard at
      work getting it produced), but we will still have the Saturday night party

      One of the problems with buying so many new games is that I have run out of
      room, and need to start getting rid of some of the old games. I hope to
      have a list together before the weekend, and I will send it out in about a
      week before in case anyone wants to reserve something.

      FRAGS continues to meet every Thursday with about 12-15 gamers each week.
      We've seen some pretty good movies recently on Tuesday nights ("Sexy Evil
      Genius" this past week), and there are some fun ones lined up in the future.

      As always, FRAMINGCON, FRAGS, movie night and all of my events are open to
      all members of MENSA, UNITY GAMES, Meetup, and others. For more
      information, feel free to email me.

      Finally, I still have a room for rent in my basement. $500 per month
      includes all utilities, and full run of the house and theater. If you know of
      anyone who needs a place, please contact me. My preference is to rent to
      someone I know, but I really need to find someone soon.

      That's it for now. One more reminder will follow. I hoe to see everyone


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