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33465Mystery Hunt March 9th - test solvers needed

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  • muttstain2
    Feb 24, 2013
      I am hosting a small Mystery Hunt in Framingham on March 9th, starting at
      11:00. This is a non-competitive, just for fun event. People should feel
      free to drop in or out any time during the day.

      I have finished 3 "mini-puzzles" but am still working on my main puzzle. If
      anyone is not going to be attending the hunt, and would be willing to
      serve as a test-solver, please let me know.

      The small puzzles should be solvable by 1-2 people in about 15 minutes.
      There are 13 of these, and they are intended to be done while the main
      puzzles are being worked on. Initially I had 13 people each writing one, but a
      few dropped out, and I had to do 2 of these this weekend in addition to the
      one I had originally planned, so I really want to have them looked at.

      Please email me directly if you can help, or if you would like a copy of
      the formal Hunt invitation.

      Thanks in advance.


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