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33146Thanksgiving at The Buttery (Dorchester MA)

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  • Shirley Márquez Dúlcey
    Nov 6, 2012
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      Note: this is NOT a gaming event. But we have regular game days here and
      some people on the list may be interested.

      One of our traditions continues: Thanksgiving at The Buttery, our
      celebration of the only national holiday dedicated to gluttony. As we
      have said in the past, this is a Thanksgiving for orphans, or "for
      people who have nowhere to go or don't want to go there". If you don't
      have a place to celebrate the holiday, or you like the idea of
      celebrating it with us, you are welcome. If you have a place to go but
      know people who do not, please forward this invitation.

      Thanksgiving is a bit different from our other large gatherings. You
      need to let us know you are coming so we can plan. It's not a pure
      potluck dinner; we ask everybody to bring a food or beverage but we
      coordinate what people are bringing so we end up with a balanced meal
      and don't have ten dishes of cranberry sauce. We do the turkey and
      stuffing; everything else is up to the guests. For the last couple of
      years I have used a Google Docs spreadsheet to keep track of who is
      bringing what; once I know you are coming I will send you a link.

      We'll open the doors at 3pm. (If you come earlier we'll put you to
      work setting up.) We'll sit down to dinner somewhere around 4:30 or
      5pm, depending on when the turkey is ready. We have two stoves with
      ovens (kitchen and basement) available for baking or reheating your
      dishes; the turkeys go in electric roasters so both ovens are
      available. After we're done with our gluttony we usually sit around
      and talk for a while, and it all ends somewhere between 9 and 10.

      We're at 24 Kenwood St in Dorchester, just as we have been since 1988.
      You can get directions at http://www.buttery.org/directions

      If you would like to come, please contact me in advance! If you know
      people who you think would enjoy Thanksgiving dinner here, feel free
      to pass the invitation along to them. You can call or text me on the
      phone (617-905-9126) or email me (mark@...). I need to know
      how many people you are bringing (and if you are bringing children,
      what ages they are) and what kind of dish you would like to bring. I
      may have suggestions if there are categories that are undersubscribed.
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