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33116Game Sale

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  • AndrewW
    Sep 30 7:29 AM
      On behalf of a friend:

      Hi, Unity Gamers. If you would like any of the games below, please e-mail
      me at joe@....
      Thanks. -Joe Czapski

      Condition codes:
      c2=normal shelf wear to box
      c3=cards wear/dirt or extra shelf wear to box
      c4=ding & dent (box corner smush)
      c5=missing non-essential parts

      D&D: Wrath of Ashardalon c1 $20
      Airlines Europe c1 $15
      Power Grid c1 $10
      Ra c1 $10 (Uberplay)
      Dvonn c2 $10
      Yinsh c2 $10
      New England c2 $10 (original Goldsieber)
      Egizia c4 $5
      Dream Factory c2 $5
      Samurai c4 $5
      Kingdoms c2 $5 (FF silver line)
      Colossal Arena c3 $5 (1st FF silver line)
      Forbidden Island c1 $5
      I'm the Boss! c5 $5
      Isis & Osiris c1 $5 (Goldsieber)
      Capt'n Clever c3 $5 (Zoch)
      Can't Stop c3 $5 (Parker Bros. 1980)
      Pit c3 $5 (Parker Bros. 1962)
      Showdown Yahtzee c4 $1
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