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33104Porter Square Gaming Cancelled this week

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  • Felix Rodriguez
    Sep 10, 2012
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      Porter Square Gaming Hi Everybody...

      Due to foreseen circumstances that could not be moved, there will be no
      PSG this week. Gaming will continue in 2 weeks.


      * Sent to: Unity Games, Patrick S, Patrick M, Matt L, Josh, Elisa,
      Nate, Cara, Kristi, Lauren, Mel, Adam, Jess S, Rachel, Amy S, Jess K,
      Stephen, Bill, Doug, Julia, Mike S, Chris, Joye, Evan, Trey, Amanda,
      Diana, Kevin, Joseph, Matthew G, Mark B, Don N, Andy, Sarah, Matt S,
      Lisa, Andrew, Greg, Randy, Rick L, Rob F, Bo C, Don M., David H, Diana
      M, Wes, Ben Mc, Carl C, Phil N, Aaron, Alison C, Joel F, Juan, Ted V,
      Oliver, Grant, Eric, Ata, Greg, Chris, Remo, Justin C, Graham S, Kevin
      S, Peter M. E-mail me if you want to start or stop receiving these messages.

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