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32990Re: [Unity_Games] Last call for board games lot, price reduced, have a look

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  • John Flood
    Jun 28, 2012
      How much of a rush to get them out?
      They won't get played for a bit, but: I have a dream...

      From: Rabscuttle <loriengreen@...>
      To: Unity_Games@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Thursday, June 28, 2012 7:08 PM
      Subject: [Unity_Games] Last call for board games lot, price reduced, have a look

      Hey all,

      We're reducing the asking price on this collection to $275, because we just want to get them out of the house and somewhere they'll be played. It's not too early to think about Christmas, you know... ;)

      Ping me for a picture if you'd like to see it. Thanks for looking!

      • Power Grid
      • Power Grid Expansion – France & Italy
      • GiftTRAP
      • Carcassonne
      • Carcassonne Expansion: Inns & Cathedrals
      • Carcassonne Expansion: Traders & Builders
      • Settlers of Catan Scenarios & Variants (German with English rules included)
      • Agricola
      • Agricola Expansion: Farmers of the Moor
      • El Grande Decennial Edition
      • Middle-Earth Quest
      • Dungeon Twister: Prison (new, autographed)
      • Settlers of America (box slightly damaged, autographed)
      • Mystery of the Abbey
      • Dominion Alchemy
      • Stone Age (sealed, German)
      • Stone Age Expansion (sealed, German)
      • Elasund
      • Runebound
      • Runebound Expansion: The Island of Dread
      • 6 Runebound Character Packs (Blade Dancer, Spiritbound, Runemaster,
      Battlemage, Shadow Walker, Wildlander)
      • 12 Runebound Adventure Packs (Shadows of Margath, Beasts & Bandits, Champions
      of Kellos, Walkers of the Wild, The Terrors of the Tomb, Relics of Legend, The
      Dark Forest, Artifacts & Allies, Cult of the Rune, Avatars of Kelnov, The
      Scepter of Kyros, Crown of the Elder Kings)
      • The Red Dragon Inn
      • Forbidden Island
      • Sleuth
      • Control Nut
      • Balloon Cup
      • Caesar & Cleopatra
      • Hera & Zeus
      • Uptown

      - Lorien

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