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31083RE: [Unity_Games] Bridgewater Open Gaming Session (BOGS), Friday, June 9th, 7PM-12AM

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  • pizio.gaming
    Jun 10, 2010
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      Perhaps I should read the group before posting. It seems the super
      efficient Scott H has already posted a BOGS notice. I have also started
      putting up a Facebook event if you are interested. I will probably do this
      another month or two to see if there is sufficient demand.

      I too picked up a few games off the discount table last month.

      I'm thinking of bringing Washington's War in case it stays Scott & Scott,
      Dommion with Alchemy, RfTG with the new expansion and Leaping Lemmings.
      Possibly Fossil as well. Anything you can suggest for me to bring?

      Scott Pizio

      "I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity."
      -- Edgar Allan Poe

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      Subject: [Unity_Games] Bridgewater Open Gaming Session (BOGS), Friday, June
      9th, 7PM-12AM

      This is the 2nd Friday of the month, which means Bridgewater Open Gaming
      Session is happening this Friday at Scholars, on the Bridgewater Green in
      Central Square.
      A lighter, quicker game usually starts around 7PM so we can end that by 8PM.
      That is when most everyone has arrived and we can get into the bigger games.
      Last month at BOGS we played a wide range of old (Goa, Delphi & Lost Cities)
      and new games(Hansa Teutonica, Leaping Lemmings). Some light and silly
      (Leaping Lemmings) and some heavier (Agricola).
      What would you like to play?
      Come on down to Bridgewater for some fun open gaming. Please post here or
      send me an e-mail if you are interested in attending, but feel free to drop
      in if you are in the neighborhood.
      Dave, owner of Scholars, is also selling some games at 70% off. I grabbed a

      See you Friday night!

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