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  • c_r_a
    Mar 9, 2010
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      Have the following board games for sale. Must be picked up from my apartment near Porter Sq, Cambridge. I can only check my emails on weeknights after I get home from work so don't expect a response from me before 6pm. Most weeknights/ends I'm available, but Saturday afternoon would be my preference so I can get a bunch done at once. Unfortunately prices are non-negotiable as I need the money so please don't ask.

      Amun-Re (played once) = $15
      Bang! + Dodge City + High Noon + Fistful Of Cards (played once) = $10
      Battle Line (played once) = $5
      Before The Wind (unplayed) = 5
      Blokus (played once) = $10
      China (split box corner) (unplayed) = $5
      Clue: Dungeons & Dragons (used but good) = $5
      Downfall Of Pompeii (played twice) = $15
      Dragonmaster (used but good) = $10
      Dust (unplayed) = $10
      Hansa (played once) = $10
      Ingenious (used but good) = $10
      It's Mine - Simpsons version (played once) = $5
      La Citta (German with English rules and play aids, split corner on box bottom) (played once) = $10
      Mystery Rummy #2: Rue Morgue (new) = $10
      Mystery Rummy #3: Jekyll & Hyde (played once) = $5
      Nautilus (unplayed) = $10
      Punct (unplayed) = $5
      Race For The Galaxy (unplayed) = $10
      Risk: Halo Wars (no insert) (played once) = $5
      Risk: Halo Wars (new) = $20
      San Juan (used but good) = $5
      Shogun (unplayed, box corner starting to split) = $25
      Take It Easy = $5
      Tikal (unplayed) = $10
      Vegas Showdown, with real poker chips (played once) = $10
      Way Out West (played once) = $10
      Wings Of War: Burning Drachens (unplayed) = $10
      Wings Of War: Watch Your Back (unplayed) = $10
      Wings Of War: Top Fighters booster (new) = $5
      Wings Of War: Recon Patrol booster (new) = $5
      Wings Of War Mini: Olieslagers (unplayed) = $5
      Wings Of War Mini: Baracca (unplayed) = $5
      Wings Of War Mini: Rahn (unplayed) = $5
      Wings Of War Mini: Jentsch (unplayed) = $5
      Call Of Cthulhu CCG (not LCG compatible) - Arkham Starter, Eldritch Starter, Asylum Packs I-IV (unplayed) = $20

      The below two games have "issues".
      Memoir '44 + Eastern Front + Terrain Pack + Winter/Desert Board + Pacific Theater = $50
      Only have boxes for base game and Pacific and no insert for base game as I kept everything in there except Pacific.

      Runebound 2nd Edition + Sands Of Al-Kalim + several card expansions = $50
      Only have box for base game with no insert and had customized the item/ally and monster decks using most of the card expansions for them, but can't find the cards I took out. Al-Kalim is complete though minus the box as I kept everything in one box.

      Lord Of The Rings: Confrontation Deluxe = $10
      No insert and I wrote the combat numbers in the bottom right-hand corner of the characters so they could be seen easier.
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