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30355FRAGS the next 3 weeks / Hearts tonite / P & K New Year's party

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  • Muttstain@aol.com
    Dec 11, 2009
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      Happy holidays to all.

      A final reminder that with Pat and Paul out of town, I am hosting
      Cancellation Hearts tonight. Meet at Casa Brasil for dinner at 6:30, or my house at
      7:30 for cards.

      FRAGS will be held as normal next week. We will have a small going away
      party for Anja for those who can not make her big party on the 19th (Trina
      should be sending out an email with details on this later today). On the 17th,
      will also have our traditional holiday gift swap. I have personal gifts
      for all of the regulars (and random stuff for anyone else who happens to show
      up). Feel free to bring gifts (or not) for whoever you want. Please DO NOT
      FEEL OBLIGATED to bring anything. Your presence is enough of a gift (most
      of you, anyway).

      On Christmas Eve, FRAGS will be held normally, IF ENOUGH PEOPLE are
      available. As with Thanksgiving night (when we actually had 12 people), I will
      ask for RSVP's to make sure there will be at least 4. Assuming I get enough
      response, I will send out a confirmation. From that point on, feel free to
      come even if you did not RSVP.

      For one of the few times in recent memory,.FRAGS will be canceled the
      following Thursday as Pete and Kim will be having their annual New Year's eve
      party in Springfield. Pete asked me to let everyone know. For more detailed
      info, please email them. I am happy to carpool if someone needs a ride out

      As a reminder, I am collecting for Unity Games on Feb 6th. You can pay me
      $12 in advance or pay $15 at the door. There is still plenty of time to get
      in on this event. It's like FRAGS but 20 times bigger.

      Lastly, someone left a white cap here a few weeks ago. It has a "C" logo (I
      think from the Chicago Bears.)

      That's it for now. I tried to pare down my list for this email, so if you
      think you should have gotten it and didn't I apologize (likewise if you got
      it and have no idea why).

      Hope to see most of you some time over the next few weeks.


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