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30251[SR] SSG 11/02: Leonardo da Vinci, Steam

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  • Steven
    Nov 5, 2009
      ATTENDEES: (4) Todd, Dave, Steve, Pete

      GAMES PLAYED: Leonardo da Vinci, Steam

      LEONARDO DA VINCI : Todd, Dave, Steve
      New to Todd, and Dave and Steve had only played this once. A nice worker placement game, with a few fiddly aspects (especially the setup). Not much to say about this as we all were mostly learning and I doubt anyone would claim they had a great handle on the best strategy. In the end, Todd pulled out a win by having the right resources to start a big invention on Turn 8. Final scores were 50, 42, 37.

      STEAM: Todd, Steve, Dave, Pete
      New to everyone except Todd. And we were not experienced at Age of Steam either. So we have nothing to compare this to. None the less we plunged right in. Todd (NY) and Dave (Philadelphia) fought over the southern edge. Steve locked up most of New England. Pete explored the frozen north and stayed put in Canada for most of the game. And when he finally connected to the southern cities, it took him so long to shed all the winter clothing that he fell far behind the others. Things seemed slow for the first half of the game and then started racing when we neared the end (maybe that was because B&N was getting ready to close). Steve pulled out a narrow victory over Dave. Final scores 37, 36, 30, and Pete's score we won't mention (because I forget what it was).

      (This was my first attempt at writing a session report. I'll get better with practice. (I think.))

      Next week, 11/9, it isn't clear if anyone will make it. Steve and Todd won't be there for sure.
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