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29795Gaming/Movie weekend reminder June 26-28

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  • Muttstain@aol.com
    May 28, 2009
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      I've been a bit lax about sending reminders, so I apologize. I know you
      guys have been anxiously awaiting an update, so here goes...

      Nothing new to report.

      Now wasn't that worth waiting for.

      In any event, all the usual details apply... games, movies food, crash
      space, etc.

      Ben Paul is still planning to come up from DC, and I hope that the various
      pitfalls that hit a few people last party don't get in the way again. I am
      hoping to have some type of electronic party game for Saturday night,
      whether it is BUZZ (Vitas - are you able to bring it??) or something else (I
      have moved the region-free DVD player that could not handle things like
      Scene-It, so there should be many choices).

      With nice weather expected, feel free to bring outdoor games as well. The
      lawn is finally mowed, and will be again right before the party. I have the
      nice backyard, and never use it, so this will be a good chance.

      A couple of other game-related things:

      The new MINIONS set - Cowboys and Aliens - is out. It can only be ordered
      directly from Cloud Kingdom games. Shipping is $8 regardless of whether I
      order one copy or many. If anyone else is interested in the game (or the
      original version), please let me know and we can combine the orders to save on
      shipping. The original set is 2-player, but the 2 games can be combined for
      up to 4 players. For more information on the games, go to
      _www.cloudkingdon.com_ (http://www.cloudkingdon.com) .

      Also, my guy in NJ has been very unreliable these days, so I'm looking to
      order the new Dominion and a few other things from the normal channels. If
      anyone has anything they want, and would like to combine orders to save on
      shipping, please let me know soon.

      That's it for now. Another update will follow soon.

      I know a number of regulars will not be around for the weekend, so feel
      free to pass this on to anyone you think may enjoy the festivities.

      Feel free to email me back for more details if you need them.



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