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29652[SR] GSG 03/24: I'm the Boss, Glory to Rome

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  • Phil Alberg
    Mar 30, 2009
      ATTENDEES: Bob, Phil, Greg, Bill, Tory, Gary

      GAMES PLAYED: I'm the Boss, Glory to Rome

      Bob hosted us for what may be the last time at his place in
      Plainville, as he's looking to sell his place and move into a smaller


      I'M THE BOSS: Tory, Phil, Bill, Bob, Gary, Greg

      Usually when I play this game there are perhaps one or two deals that
      don't get completed once they are initiated. In this session there
      must have been 5 or 6 such deals! Bill was reluctant to cut Bob into
      any deals while he was the boss. Bob went so far as to send Bill's
      investor on vacation, even though there no other relatives in play, so
      as to cut Bill out of a deal. There was one deal mid-game where the
      "C" investor changed hands three times (and was stopped from changing
      hands four other times!), before the deal was nixed due to another
      vacation. Greg was cursed with taking an early lead and being labeled
      the leader. He didn't improve his status by sending people on
      vacation, notably the investor or relative in front of the boss, and
      then trying to elbow his way into the deal with his investor. Tory
      bided her time during the early deals, and then got involved in
      several deals mid-game while at the same time successfully stealing a
      couple of investors. I picked up some momentum toward the end game,
      but in the last deal Tory extorted a buck from Bill so as not to ruin
      the deal that he had with me. This proved to be very cunning, as Bill
      rolled a 2 to end the game, and Tory pipped me by a buck! Final
      scores were something like: 40, 39, 28, 23, 18, 15. Congrats, Tory!

      GLORY TO ROME: Phil, Bob, Bill, Gary, Tory

      This was Tory's first play, and the first play in a long time for Gary
      and Bob. Bob and Tory seemed to focus on completing many buildings,
      Gary attempted to complete the Forum and attract clientele from each
      profession, while Bill and I tried to stuff our vaults full of loot.
      Bob the builder completed NINE buildings, which was most impressive.
      Having four Craftsman clients certainly helps in this endeavor. I
      managed to sell items to my vault early in the game, and completed the
      Basilica which allowed me to sell cards from my hand into the vault
      when performing the Merchant role. The game ended when the last card
      was drawn from the deck. Although Gary finished the Forum, he fell
      two clients shy of the automatic victory. In the end my vault and
      chip totals were enough to overcome Bob's building totals and take the
      win. Final scores were: 25, 21, 14, 13, 12.

      BONUS SR: 03/17 at Anthony's house
      Apparently everyone else in the group is Irish, as only Anthony and I
      braved St.Patrick's day for some gaming. We played Cuba, Glory to
      Rome, and Reef Encounter.

      Cuba is a pretty game, but one which seems to take a long time to
      play. I jumped out to a large lead early in the game when I filled
      each of the five cargo holds on a 3pt ship for 15pts. But Anthony had
      mucho dinero, and was able to mount a comeback during the two turns in
      which the bill that yields VP for money was in effect. I squeaked by
      in the end by selling rum for points. Final score was 74, 70.

      Anthony started several buildings, but I completed the Circus Maximus
      and the Forum, and managed to score the automatic victory by acquiring
      all six different clients about halfway through the deck.

      I was the first to feed my parrotfish, and in fact I consumed two
      corals before Anthony consumed his first. I then stepped up my
      efforts to eat all more corals before he could build up any more.
      Anthony did manage to pimp up the orange corals, which I had not
      consumed, to score 5pts each at the end of the game. I came out on
      top in another close game. Final score was 43, 38.

      THERE IS NO GSG ON 03/31 !!!!!!!!!

      GSG will be gathering at my house on 04/07.

      - Phil
      ...GO B.U. !!! ...

      Eastern MA Gaming

      "But how do you plan for a bank full of nuns?"

      "When playing a game the goal is to win, but it is the goal that is
      important, not the winning."
      - Reiner Knizia