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29410Re: [Unity_Games] Front Table Support Needed - This time... with Incentives!

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  • Mark J. Dulcey
    Feb 5, 2009
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      Dave Bernazzani wrote:
      > Okay... what little charm and goodwill I built up with the UG
      > community is long gone! I have not reached critical mass on getting
      > enough front table volunteers. Perhaps I'm in the later stages of my
      > Bloated-Elvis days. I don't really know. With 2 days to go before the
      > big event, I'm forced to change tactics. Phil had no problems -- he
      > calls out for 14 teaching area volunteers and he gets them with a
      > single short sharp blast of his chipmunk-like whistle. I've had a
      > harder time! We realize front table duty sucks compared to teaching
      > -- since the teaching area still allows those volunteers to play one
      > of their favorite games while the front table support does not. So...
      > We're offering $5 discount to this event (that is, you'll get $5 back
      > if you're already prepaid) if you volunteer for front table duty.
      > Email me if you can help out in a 1 hour timeslot between 11AM and 4PM
      > (last shift is 4PM-5PM).
      > And even though the teaching area staff gets to play one of their
      > favorite games, there is still a duty involved. So for you guys, we're
      > working on getting you a prestigious "teachers" microbadge on the
      > Board Game Geek for the effort. Stay tuned.
      > Depending on the financial situation we are in after this event, we
      > will try to offer similar or better incentives in the future as well.

      Sure, I'll give you an hour somewhere. Any of the time slots other than
      4-5 is fine with me (I might have to give my passenger a ride back to
      the T during that one).
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