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2897Re: Unity Games II (What is it?)

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  • Mark Edwards
    Jan 3, 2001
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      Just in case some of you are not quite sure what UG II is all

      Unity Games II will be a day of board gaming (mostly
      German/Designer/Euro-style) held at the Masonic hall in Holliston
      Mass. The date is set for Saturday March 17th, 2001. I'm actually
      not quite sure of the hours, but from Dave's post I reckon we'll be
      gaming from around 9am till 11pm+.

      Many folks will bring a selection of their games to play, and
      there will be tables on the outskirts of the hallroom for storing the
      games. Everyone who brings games will have a little spot marked off
      to store them. The understanding here is that all the games on these
      tables are available for everyone's use. Of course great care must
      be taken when playing with someone else's game. And returning it to
      its proper location/owner is a must too!

      There will be a prize table. I'm not sure of all the details of
      this as yet, but basically some of us will donate some games for the
      table, and we'll also purchase a batch of games from Boulder Games
      for prizes. At some point (or points) during the day we'll do a
      little prize giveaway, probably just drawing names out of a hat, but
      perhaps rewarding someone for solving the day's puzzles.

      There will be an entry fee of $5. This will cover the price of
      renting the hall, prizes, etc.

      This event is invite only. That basically means we won't be
      putting up flyers everywhere and posting in rec.games.board about it.
      By definition everyone on this list is invited. Feel free to contact
      any friends of yours that might be interested in this kind of event.
      But please give Dave an accurate head count as soon as you can.

      There are restaraunts, pizza shops, etc. nearby in Holliston and a
      little flyer will be made available with directions to them.
      Directions to the hall itself can be found in the UG files area under
      the name MVGA.doc...
      And of course you can use Yahoo:Maps, or just ask on the list if you
      have questions about directions.

      Another way to learn about Unity Games II would be to read a few
      session reports on and see a few pictures of Unity Games I.

      My report: http://people.ne.mediaone.net/dangermouse/Oct082000.html

      Dave's report: http://www.gis.net/~dber/SessionReport/08Oct2000.htm

      Andrew's report: http://members.aol.com/AndAgainMA/SR001008.htm

      Craig's report: http://www.egroups.com/message/Unity_Games/1492

      Pictures: http://www.wavemotion.bizland.com/UnityGamesI.htm

      If you have any question please email me or Dave or just post em to
      the list!


      P.S. One piece of advice for those thinking of coming, don't sit
      with Pat O'Brien to your right in a game of ShowManager. ;-)

      --- In Unity_Games@egroups.com, "Dave Bernazzani" <dber@g...> wrote:
      > OK - as Walter had mentioned, only about 10 weeks until Unity Games
      >II on March 17th, 2001 so I'm ready to start some serious discussion
      >about it.
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