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28059Gaming/Movie weekend in Framingham February 22-24

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  • muttstain2
    Dec 31, 2007
      I know it's been awhile, and I apologize for not scheduling this
      sooner, but there's been alot of other things going on during
      weekends. Hopefully, I will not be conflicting with anything esle
      major this time.

      First, some housekeeping notes:

      If you are interested in participating in the MIT Mystery Hunt
      January 18-20th and are not yet on a team, please let me know. We are
      trying to match up stragglers with teams that are not yet full.

      If you want to attend Unity Games on January 26th, the cost is $10
      through around the 15th, then $15 at the door. As has been the case
      for the last few years, you can pay me ahead of time and save $5.

      I hope to start paring down some of the older games that nobody plays
      any more, and will be offering them to people on this list prior to
      putting them on Ebay at the end of February. I also still have a
      number of duplicate DVD's I have bought and want to get rid of. I'll
      have a list of both movies and DVD's for sale in one of the updates.

      As for the party, it will be the usual mix of board games, card
      games, party games, and B movies. If there's enough interest we'll do
      a poker tournament. If someone wants to volunteer to run a large
      Saturday night party game (Rob??), please let me know.

      We'll start around 7:30 Friday night and run through Sunday night. As
      always, I'll provide chili, hotdogs, and hamburgers on Saturday
      night, though other food donations are always welcomed. There's still
      plenty of crash space available for people to stay overnight. Since
      we are usually up until around 6:00 am, arriving before noon on
      Saturday or Sunday is discouraged as most of the people still here
      will be half asleep. (Yeah, I'm getting too old for over 48 hours

      As always, this event is open to all members of Unity Games.

      That's it for now. I hope everyone enjoys the holidays, and I hope
      2008 is a better year than 2007 was.

      Happy New Year!