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27780Porter Square Gaming FIFTH YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!

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  • Felix Rodriguez
    Aug 31, 2007
      Hi Everybody...

      Sending this notice a little bit early this time around...

      Once again, this WEDNESDAY, there's board gaming at my house (114 Walden
      Street) - about a 7 minute walk from the Porter Square T stop. The fun
      starts at 7:00 and typically ends around 11:00 or so. Everyone is
      welcome to come (including newcomers and friends), but PLEASE E-mail
      RSVP so I get an idea on the person count.

      Note for drivers: The city of Cambridge has graciously given us free
      parking for my block on Walden Street and Vincent Street for the night.
      If you can't park there, then ask me for a parking permit. If the city
      changes its mind about the free parking, I'll let everyone know.

      - - - - -

      This Wednesday is a special day for PSG. 5 years ago I started our game
      night (Davis Square Gaming then). 3 locations, and a whole lot of new
      people later, its still here. I never would have thought when I started
      this, that I'd still be doing it now. I think this is cause for
      celebration, so I'm bringing cake, and if I can get good ones, fried
      plantains. If other people want to bring random bits of food potluck
      style, that would be awesome. But please don't avoid coming if you can't
      bring anything.

      Also, I'm going to try and keep to a theme: Games on the collection when
      I started game nights. I've got a picture of what I used to have then...
      Puerto Rico, Ra, Cape Horn, Princes of Florence all qualify. (You can
      ignore the theme, if you prefer to play something else). Additionally, I
      was wondering if I could get a few people to a game of the original Axis
      and Allies - my first game ever. I've got 2 takers so far, so 2 more
      gets the 5 person game going. Please e-mail me if you are interested -
      since if it gets played, I'm going to set it up ahead of time to avoid
      the long setup the game has. As with pretty much every game we play, you
      don't need to know the rules ahead of time. I can explain them quickly


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