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27030[SR] Pandemonium Gaming, 2/28/2007, 6:30 pm

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  • Stephen Maywalt
    Mar 1, 2007
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      Phew, what a night! Great showing last night, I counted at least 15 people
      at one point but wasn't keeping track all night so it could have been more.
      Many games were played, among those I actually caught being played were
      Thurn and Taxis, Blokus, Glory to Rome, Organic Soup (Cambridge Games
      Factory playtest), Puerto Rico, and Manhattan. Hopefully some others will
      chime in with those I missed.

      Most notebly (for me at least) was the full game of Die Macher that Mark B.,
      Mark H., and I were able to get through in under three hours with rules
      review. We all played well with Mark B. winning mostly due to his capture
      of an 80 point victory in round 7. I came in second with a pair of wins
      early in rounds 2 and three. Mark H. wasn't far behind though.

      Had a great time, see you all in two weeks.


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