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26629Welcome Eric! ... Re: [Unity_Games] Waltham area

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  • Mark Edwards
    Dec 7, 2006
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      At 11:27 AM 12/7/2006, Eric Stevenson wrote:

      >He is some guy from Waltham who just joined the group and is mystified by
      >all the names, places, and hats being mentioned in response to my question. :)

      You're at least the 5th Eric on this list and most of them have
      nicknames so we can differentiate between them. I dub you,
      Eric-Youngun-Hater. Hmmm, doesn't exactly roll of the tongue does
      it? We'll work on it.

      My advice, check out Danger Planet one game night and see if they're
      the kind of people you'd care to meet again. The beauty of gaming at a
      game store is you can always up and leave and then never come back. It's
      not as easy to do when you host and have them come to your
      house. Oi. It's tough getting rid of em after that! ;-)

      Also, UG is our short hand for Unity Games day. We try to get as many
      folks on the list together at least once a year for a full day of
      gaming. The next UG is January 27. Check out the details here:
      http://www.unitygames.org/ugxii/ugxii.htm So if you'd like to get a feel
      for the folks that game around these parts attending UG XII would be a good
      way to do it.


      "Sokath, his eyes uncovered"
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