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26618There I Was, Minding My Own Business . . .

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  • Chris Lockheardt
    Dec 7, 2006
      --- In Unity_Games@yahoogroups.com, "Mark J. Edwards" <danger-
      mouse@...> wrote:

      > How old is Lockheardt? He looks old. I may have to adjust my
      > restricted age.

      I'm even older than Josh and Richard (although you could never tell as
      I have a tenth of Josh's grey hairs and a hundredth of Richard's
      bitter cynicism.)

      But perhaps a simpler rule of thumb for you, Mark, would be to pledge
      not to play games with anyone who doesn't wear a baseball cap 23 hours
      a day. That should eliminate anyone old enough to have kissed a girl.

      (Oh, wait . . . I'm talking about gamers, aren't I?)
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