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26404Re: [Unity_Games] Re: Increasing/maintaining attendance ideas?

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  • Felix Rodriguez
    Oct 3, 2006
      So.. I've decided that in order to compete with Pandemonium, I'm going
      to replace my entire games collection with Monopoly and Apples to
      Apples. I'll add Flux only if Looney Games Night reopens on a Wednesday.

      Anyway in all seriousness I should give my opinion given the comments:

      I'm a big fan of both B.B.G.G. and Pandemonium - the cover a day that
      I'm simply unable to host and gives people a choice to play more
      frequently or at a schedule that may be more convenient to them. I've
      always tried to advertise BBGG in the past (especially on those weeks
      when I have to cancel due to other commitments) - and I plan on doing
      the same with Pandemonium.

      I obviously prefer it if there are no conflicts. Because I think that's
      better for the gaming community as a whole. There are a large number of
      weekdays that don't have their own open game nights (or the game nights
      are too far for us Cantabridgians). And there are a large number of
      people who want to game but can't make it to my Wednesday nights. Thus
      the community gains more if the nights are spread around.

      For the record, while I have seen a significant drop in attendance when
      I shifted my game nights to weekly, I see no such drop when someone
      opens a separate Wednesday night on the off week. (I've had over 15
      people the last two game nights). This tells me that more people are
      gaming and that is a good thing. For this same reason, I suspect that if
      Pandemonium went weekly their attendance would be hurt more than mine.

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