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26402Re: Increasing/maintaining attendance ideas?

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  • Chris Almy
    Oct 3, 2006
      Just for the record. I have no idea what Felix thinks about any of
      this. I'm a free agent. So if I've somehow annoyed anyone please
      don't hold it against him.


      PS: I like cribbage and backgammon. :-)

      --- In Unity_Games@yahoogroups.com, "Carol" <starspangledgirl@...>
      > Chris, I understand your concern. I would not have set up this
      > night if I had thought it would cause any trouble in the Cambridge
      > community--I am a relative newcomer to Euro gaming and only want
      > enhance, not disrupt, opportunities for gaming. I hope you and
      > (who came to our second session and seemed fine with it) will let
      > and/or the Unity community in general know if there are any actual
      > deleterious effects to the Porter Sq group.
      > Tyler is supportive of the Euro game genre getting more exposure
      > very sensitive to not stepping on toes (Danger Planet being an
      > I don't understand that non-competition concern either but maybe
      > friends with those guys. Game store owners are a pretty small
      > community). Already Tyler has said that if there are any Euro
      > at the traditional board game night, he will definitely steer them
      > come to the Euro game night. (Besides, if a Euro gamer even sees a
      > Monopoly board isn't that like a cross to a vampire? I doubt they
      > want to regularly attend a night with a choice of Taboo, cribbage,
      > backgammon).
      > Quite frankly it's in his interest to attract more players to the
      > games night because he sells more Euro games than traditional ones.
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