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26401Re: Increasing/maintaining attendance ideas?

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  • Carol
    Oct 3, 2006
      Chris, I understand your concern. I would not have set up this game
      night if I had thought it would cause any trouble in the Cambridge game
      community--I am a relative newcomer to Euro gaming and only want to
      enhance, not disrupt, opportunities for gaming. I hope you and Felix
      (who came to our second session and seemed fine with it) will let me
      and/or the Unity community in general know if there are any actual
      deleterious effects to the Porter Sq group.

      Tyler is supportive of the Euro game genre getting more exposure AND
      very sensitive to not stepping on toes (Danger Planet being an example--
      I don't understand that non-competition concern either but maybe he's
      friends with those guys. Game store owners are a pretty small
      community). Already Tyler has said that if there are any Euro players
      at the traditional board game night, he will definitely steer them to
      come to the Euro game night. (Besides, if a Euro gamer even sees a
      Monopoly board isn't that like a cross to a vampire? I doubt they will
      want to regularly attend a night with a choice of Taboo, cribbage, and
      Quite frankly it's in his interest to attract more players to the Euro
      games night because he sells more Euro games than traditional ones.
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