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26399Re: Increasing/maintaining attendance ideas?

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  • Chris Almy
    Oct 3, 2006
      My original intent was using Thursdays to lead into my point. In my
      last sentence though I must have had that night stuck in my head and
      should have suggested simply "another night" instead of stating
      Thursdays again. Initially I suggested it as a preference, but at
      the end it could be read as me suggesting it on behalf of everyone.
      I think Doug's reply pointed this out the best.

      I just worry that if the UG calendar shows boardgames at Pandemonium
      every Wednesday night then any new UG members will go a game store
      rather than someones apartment (I would if I were new). PSG seems to
      also rely on increasing/maintaining attendence through new people
      that learn of it from the UG list so that could hurt it in the long
      run. I'm probably just being paranoid though. o_O


      --- In Unity_Games@yahoogroups.com, Marc Hartstein
      <marc.hartstein@...> wrote:
      > On Mon, Oct 02, 2006 at 09:35:54PM -0000, Constantine wrote:
      > > So it should be the planned around your schedule? I mean
      > Oh, come on. Chris was perfectly clear in the post you're
      replying to.
      > After briefly mentioning a personal preference for Thursdays, they
      > into some detail about how it would be a bad idea for Pandemonium
      > to go to every week on Wednesdays. The reasons given have nothing
      to do
      > with that personal preference, and everything to do with
      alienating the
      > gaming community by conflicting with a local event run by loyal
      > customers. They further only requested that Pandemonium gaming
      > days of the week *if* it's going to switch to every week.
      > You can see all of that yourself in the quote below (I've clipped
      > the portion about the personal preference for Thursdays to save
      > space...you should have it in your logs)
      > Marc
      > > --- In Unity_Games@yahoogroups.com, "Chris Almy" <chrisalmy@>
      > > > [...]
      > > > Why am I bringing this up? Because IF Pandemonium switches to
      > > > Wednesday night they will be competing with an established
      > > > game group (Porter Square Gaming). Admittedly I've never run a
      > > > or game store so these sorts of decisions may be beyond my
      > > > However it seems to me that if you're sending local customers
      > > > another store on one night (DP probably doesn't send people to
      > > > Pandemonium in return) just so you can turn around and try to
      > > > attendence away from a local group on another night (where the
      > > > has in fact supported yours) then you may end up simply
      > > > local customers in the long run.
      > > > I'll ask that Pandemonium support the local gamers (who in
      > > > support the "friendly" local game store) by switching to
      > > > nights IF they're going to start doing this every week.
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