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26397Re: [Unity_Games] Re: Increasing/maintaining attendance ideas?

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  • Marc Hartstein
    Oct 2, 2006
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      On Mon, Oct 02, 2006 at 09:35:54PM -0000, Constantine wrote:
      > So it should be the planned around your schedule? I mean Thursdays

      Oh, come on. Chris was perfectly clear in the post you're replying to.
      After briefly mentioning a personal preference for Thursdays, they went
      into some detail about how it would be a bad idea for Pandemonium games
      to go to every week on Wednesdays. The reasons given have nothing to do
      with that personal preference, and everything to do with alienating the
      gaming community by conflicting with a local event run by loyal
      customers. They further only requested that Pandemonium gaming switch
      days of the week *if* it's going to switch to every week.

      You can see all of that yourself in the quote below (I've clipped out
      the portion about the personal preference for Thursdays to save
      space...you should have it in your logs)


      > --- In Unity_Games@yahoogroups.com, "Chris Almy" <chrisalmy@...> wrote:
      > > [...]
      > > Why am I bringing this up? Because IF Pandemonium switches to every
      > > Wednesday night they will be competing with an established Cambridge
      > > game group (Porter Square Gaming). Admittedly I've never run a book
      > > or game store so these sorts of decisions may be beyond my grasp.
      > > However it seems to me that if you're sending local customers to
      > > another store on one night (DP probably doesn't send people to
      > > Pandemonium in return) just so you can turn around and try to take
      > > attendence away from a local group on another night (where the host
      > > has in fact supported yours) then you may end up simply alienating
      > > local customers in the long run.
      > > I'll ask that Pandemonium support the local gamers (who in turn
      > > support the "friendly" local game store) by switching to Thursday
      > > nights IF they're going to start doing this every week.

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