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26224Re: [Unity_Games] Congratulations Eric Martin!

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  • W. Eric Martin
    Sep 1, 2006
      Rob wrote:

      > But the real reason for this post is I was reading my Comcast
      > Connected Living Magazine today and you'd never guess who got
      > mentioned. Well you would because I already mentioned it. Right
      > there on page 8 he leads off the article entitled "Look who's Playing
      > Around."
      > "Eric martin, a 35-year old writer from Concord, NH spends much of his
      > time conducting research and interviews for articles and books. But
      > for a couple of hours a week, he heads into another realm - the
      > virtual reality of online European style strategy games......"

      Thanks for letting me know that this article is out, Rob! I spoke with
      that writer in June(?) after my wife saw a request for sources on a
      writer's forum. I usually disapprove of writers interviewing other
      writers as sources for their articles, but for the cause of Eurogames,
      I'll break my own rule!

      If only I could have plugged my new game site in the article -- alas,
      work on that site continues and an announcement will have to wait a few

      (who is actually 38)

      W. Eric Martin - TwoWriters.net
      "It is still fashionable to believe that how you organize yourself
      religiously in this life may matter for eternity." - Sam Harris
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