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25853Traditional board and card gaming helping communities

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  • Cindy
    Jul 1, 2006
      I wanted to let you know that we have linked to the
      “helpyourcommunity.org” website. If you have a banner
      I would like to put it up on our website.

      Though the Greater Attleboro Gamers Association(GAGA)
      does not qualify for inclusion in the
      helpyourcommunity.org website, we have never the less
      noticed and promoted non gambling board, card and
      miniature gaming as a way to keep kids of drugs and
      out of trouble. We have found it to be successful.

      On your list of "101 Things You Can Do" you list video
      games but not board/card/miniature gaming as something
      to do with or for kids.

      Video gaming provides less human to human interaction
      than the traditional gaming we do. Often when parents
      approach us about joining the club they like that the
      very nature of the traditional, non video games,
      human interaction is necessary. They often feel that
      even when playing side by side on a video game that
      there is an isolation element there, that is not part
      of face to face traditional gaming.

      Unfortunately in this world of technology, video games
      are often the first thought while board/card/miniature
      gaming is an after thought, if it's even thought of at

      Also most video gaming is violent, while only a
      portion of board and card gaming is. With new games
      like "Ticket 2 Ride" http://www.ticket2ridegame.com/ ,
      "Carcassone" http://www.boardgamegeek.com/game/822 ,
      and "Power Grid"
      http://www.boardgamegeek.com/game/2651, (to name a
      few), there is a wider choice of the type and style of
      game, than video games or just the Monopoly/Risk/Sorry
      games of old.

      Maybe you can add to the video game suggestion, board,
      card and miniature games/gaming?

      Thank you

      Cynthia Sulaiman
      President, Greater Attleboro Gamers Association (GAGA)

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