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25499Re: [Unity_Games] Eric's Gaming Goal For 06

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  • tmredden
    Apr 25, 2006
      How could anybody play just one game of Crokinole?

      - Todd

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      From: W. Eric Martin
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      Sent: Tuesday, April 25, 2006 1:56 PM
      Subject: Re: [Unity_Games] Eric's Gaming Goal For 06

      Craig Massey wrote:

      > So Eric, what did your recent trek to Ohio do to your 06 gaming goal -
      > inquiring minds want to know.

      Really? What a strange thing to ask...

      In any case, I played many fewer games this year than in 2005. Last
      year, for example, I arrived on Wednesday at 7pm, then played games for
      30 hours straight with only short breaks for food. This year, my wife
      came with me, so there were many more breaks for eating, sleeping, and
      other non-gaming elements of life. My gaming stats for the four days I
      was in Ohio are:

      Um Krone und Kragen 10
      Shocking Roulette 4
      Mission : Planète Rouge 3
      Thurn und Taxis 3
      Liar's Dice 2
      Masons 2
      Times Square 2
      You Must Be an Idiot! 2
      Bohnanza 1
      Boomtown 1
      Ca$h'n Gun$ 1
      Crokinole 1
      Crystal Faire 1
      Diamant 1
      Hacienda 1
      Hart an der Grenze 1
      San Juan 1

      I didn't try much from Nurnburg, but what I did try, I generally played
      more than once, trying to stick with my "don't form an opinion after a
      single play" policy.

      Linda's a big fan of Easy Come, Easy Go, so Um Krone und Kragen was an
      easy sell. I played it two-player with Pat Korner a bunch of times and
      think it works best this way, although three-player is still good.

      Shocking Roulette isn't really a game, but I got to see Stefan Brück get
      shocked three times in a 90 seconds, so that was fun. (I think Greg
      Daigle accidentally had the device set for two people instead of four
      for some of those times -- ha ha!)

      I taught Mission: Red Planet a half-dozen times and played thrice. It's
      a fun game as long as people don't start calculating every damn point.
      Keep it moving, folks.

      James Torr and Kostas taught me Thurn and Taxis, then I played it twice
      more that same day. Masons (thanks, Jay) and Times Square also went
      through the learning/replaying cycle.

      Alan Ernstein taught Rick T. Crystal Faire and I got to join in for my
      second play. A much better game when played quickly by gamers who are
      willing to figure out the game while it's happening.

      The only singletons that were new to me were Hacienda and Hart an der
      Grenze, with the latter game played late at night with inebriated folks
      who had a lot of fun with the accents. I doubt I'll play this again
      simply because no one near me owns the game. I don't know how much
      strategy there is, but fun rules the day, so I'd be delighted if someone
      else bought this. (Not me, though, I'm trying to cut down.)

      Hacienda was quite good, and now all that talk about bone-shaped fields
      and Through the Desert-like play makes sense. Geoff Speare built a
      disgustingly large hacienda because two of us had no experience and
      didn't cut him off like we should have. A decent game that deserves more
      plays before any further judgements are made.

      In sum, three games added to the singleton list and one removed:

      +Hart an der Grenze
      -Crystal Faire

      The singleton list stands at 19 as of April 25, 1:55 pm EST.


      W. Eric Martin - TwoWriters.net
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      world away, he'd be an honest Hindu or Buddhist." - H. Allen Orr

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