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25379exciting news about Major Game Day

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  • majortech617
    Apr 2, 2006
      The organizers of Major Game Day are proud to announce the support
      and inclusion of Cambridge Games Factory to the event. Some of the
      team will be there bring there excellent games

      Glory To Rome

      Ice Pirates of Harbour Grace



      and will be bring some new games to play test. This is really
      building up to be an exciting event. We now have a website with more
      info: www.myspace.com/majorgameday

      Hope to see you there!

      Major Game Day in Boston on May 27. This event is going to be great
      and special. We have a great list of games already with more to
      come. If you have some games you want to bring please do and if you
      could forward the list to us we can add them to our list.

      This even is going to be packed full of interesting things. We have
      gifts for pre registration. We will have a door prize drawing along
      with other prizes for different tournaments. If you come with a
      group of 5 or more the cost is only $8 per person otherwise its $10.
      The cost will help cover the cost of the hotel room and the

      This is going to be a great time, bring your friends, bring your
      family support gaming. If you would like to pre reg we have set up a
      pay pal melsboy617@.... We encourage a pre pay because we
      have come up with a great unique gift to give.

      The event will be held at HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS BOSTON HOTELS | BOSTON
      | Official Hotel Site from 10am to 10pm. Directions are on the
      website. Snacks and Drinks will be available and coffee,hot
      chocolate and water will be complimentary. Bickfords, polish deli's
      and pizza and Chinese close by and deliver.

      If you have a favorite game and you would like to teach just let us
      know. If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact
      us. Thank you

      Michael and Melissa Majorowski