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25188Re: [Unity_Games] 2006 gaming goal, an update

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  • andrew.young@comcast.net
    Mar 1, 2006
      The Wallace Fest sounds awesome. Struggle is an aprapo word in the tile of Struggle of Empires. It can produce some agonizing decisions. Been playing Age of Steam a lot and it's lovely. I've not done Liberte, Tyros, Princes of the Rennaisance or Byzantium yet.

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      From: "W. Eric Martin" <eric@...>
      tmredden wrote:
      > Yes, my goal for 2006 is to play games that I've never played before.
      > Here is the current list of new games I've played for the first time
      > this year (still working on it):
      > That's Life
      > Age of Steam (!!!)
      > Tsuro
      > Basari
      > Blue Moon
      > Railroad Tycoon
      > Caylus
      > Fist of Dragonstones (played at UGX2 and again)
      > Shear Panic (also played at UGX2)
      > HeroScape
      > Amun-Re
      > Sudoku (yes, I finally tried it - do solitaire games really count?)
      > Edel, Stein, & Reich (similar to Basari)
      > Funkenschlag (John Tamplin's very nice hex tile expansion/upgrade! I had played Power Grid several times, but not this original version)
      > China
      > Loot
      > Santiago
      > Landlord

      Todd, that's an awesome list of titles. I'm still trying to get Age of
      Steam on the table after only one play in the past 18 months.
      Thankfully, several of us 6am Gamers in NH are getting together at Geeks
      and Gamers in Meredith, NH for a Wallace fest on March 12th: Struggle of
      Empires at one table with Conquest of Empires at another, followed by
      Age of Steam for whoever sticks around.

      If you ever head north for a Wednesday session at my place in Concord,
      we can tackle some of your other titles over the seven hours we play.
      Bohnanza would be top of the list, as my wife will play that game to the
      exclusion of all others, no joke.


      W. Eric Martin - TwoWriters.net
      "And neither mathematics nor death ever makes a mistake." - Yevgeny Zamyatin

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