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251852006 gaming goal, an update

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  • W. Eric Martin
    Mar 1, 2006
      My goal for 2006 is to play no more than a dozen games a single time.
      Everything else will hit the table twice or more to squeeze out more
      goodness and quality playing time. How am I doing at the end of
      February? Let's review my list from the end of January:

      6 Nimmt!
      Apples to Apples
      Carabande Action Set
      Fiese Freunde Fette Feten
      Go West
      Kapitän Wackelpudding
      Lost Cities
      Macher, die
      Reef Encounter
      Sitting Ducks Gallery
      St. Petersburg
      Viva Pamplona

      As expected, 6 Nimmt!, Carabande Action Set, Caylus, and Jambo are
      already off the list; more surprisingly, FFFF, St. Petersburg, Tichu,
      and Viva Pamplona have also hit multiple plays, leaving only eight
      titles in the singleton column. Joining the list in February, though, are:

      Big Boss
      Pico 2
      Somethin' Fishy
      Texas Roll 'Em

      So the list now boasts 17 titles. Big Boss, China, Hansa, and
      TransAmerica should be locks on the multi-play list. The SimplyFun
      titles (Handy, Somethin' Fishy, Texas Roll 'Em) are iffy, but not out of
      the question given that I'm trying to place reviews of most of them.
      Kommando and Pico 2 are two-player fillers, so all I need is a few
      minutes with someone and BAM! another notch on the belt.

      Plenty of titles went 1-2 to spring past the singleton stumbling block:
      Brawl (with 10 plays on Feb. 28 in preparation for a review in
      Grappling), Easy Come, Easy Go (which delights my wife and plays in
      minutes), Circus Flohcati (another review, this time for Coffee
      Magazine), Roma, Time Is Money, Marracash, Timbuktu (to be reviewed in
      Knucklebones), and a few others.

      Enough gassing from me -- are you making progress on your goals? Do you
      even have a goal?


      W. Eric Martin - TwoWriters.net
      "And neither mathematics nor death ever makes a mistake." - Yevgeny Zamyatin
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