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24961Re: [Unity_Games] My gaming goal for 2006

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  • W. Eric Martin
    Feb 2, 2006
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      Mark Edwards wrote:
      > Yeah, it's stuff that I've hidden away from the wife (not in the
      > closets), <snip>

      Hmm, that sounds familiar. After all, if she's not going to play it,
      then the space it takes up doesn't count, right?

      Mark followed up with this about Marracash:
      > It's one of those games I play once a year, and forget everything I
      > learned about it in between. For instance in our session on Tuesday night
      > the winner (young Bob) wiped the floor with us as he had the only yellow
      > shop for far too long and after the game we realized that there were more
      > yellow meeples running around (thus more chance for profit) than the other
      > colors of meeples. Doh!

      And to take this thread full circle, results like this are precisely
      what I hope to avoid this year by playing games at least twice. My first
      attempt at Mexica, for example, gave me plenty to work with during my
      second play a week later in which I surprised everyone (twice!) by
      spending extra action points and bringing the round to a close.

      The experience with Primordial Soup has proved quite so helpful yet, but
      at least now I know to avoid the combination of Substitution and
      Struggle for Survival.


      W. Eric Martin - TwoWriters.net
      "And neither mathematics nor death ever makes a mistake." - Yevgeny Zamyatin
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