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  • tmredden
    Feb 2, 2006
      Okay, I went up on Funagain (don't ask what possessed me) and searched Zanafor's Discovery -- lo and behold - EXPECT DELIVERY IN FEB 2006!!!!! Yeah, new Heroscape miniatures!!!

      - Todd

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      >From: "tmredden" <tmredden@...>
      >Does anybody know anything about where I can find information about
      >upcoming releases for Heroscape?
      >- Todd
      >(I blame it all on Constantine)

      I don't believe Hasbro has all of the expansion in constant production, so
      when their stock sells out, that's it. According to Heroscape.com (official
      website run by Hasbro), the latest expansions are shipping to retailers now.

      There is also, http://www.heroscapehq.com which is entirely fan run and
      sometimes has useful info, but their signal to noise ratio is awful.

      What I know about future expansions.....

      Castles were demoed by Hasbro at GenCon with a planned release sometime this

      There was a GenCon/TRU giveaway called Nerak the Glacian Swog Rider. His
      army card makes mention of special powers related to snow terrain. There
      are also pics online of a huge scenario that the Hasbro guys designed for
      their "take your kids to work" day. The terrain had snow pieces, which the
      designers are likely playing around with. No official announcement about
      it, but it's likely a future snow expansion will happen, similiar to the
      lava one.


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