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24933Re: [Unity_Games] My gaming goal for 2006

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  • John P. Cataldo
    Feb 1, 2006
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      ] * Kapitan Wackelpudding and Sitting Ducks Gallery might be tough because
      ] I don't own copies. Sitting Ducks is owned by a local, so that shouldn't
      ] be too difficult, but Kapitan W. was played at UG-X, so it might be the
      ] default January singleton come the end of 2006. Time will tell.

      Well, I can always bring Kapitan Wackelpudding to the (unannounced but
      hopefully existent) UG11 if that's desired. =)

      I feel relatively safe in the presumption that no one else brought
      Kapitan Wackelpudding to UGX. I'm glad it got played.

      ] Does anyone else have gaming goals for 2006 that they'd like to share?

      Play more games! I now *live* with more gamers than in 2005, so this
      should be easy to accomplish.

      Super mini session report:

      Brian J. and I played LotR: Confrontation three times last night, and
      Bamboleo three times. (Four? I forget.) At any rate, I dominated LotR,
      losing only a single game, and was equally decimated playing Bamboleo,
      winning only once.

      I quite like LotR as a medium-weight two player game. It reminds me a lot
      of 2-player Shipwrecked with more tactical and strategic decisions as a
      result of the board, while being quite obviously like a mini-Stratego
      variant. I do keep forgetting key rules in the game, though, and ending
      up dead as a result.

      I did have a lot of fun playing Bamboleo, which is admittedly as much a
      toy as a game. Dexterity games aren't good all the time, but Bamboleo
      makes me think I don't understand physics very well sometimes!

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