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24926My gaming goal for 2006

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  • W. Eric Martin
    Jan 31, 2006
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      In 2005, Phil Alberg at GSG adopted Jon Theys' suggested alphabetic
      attack to his pile of unplayed games. Each fortnight brought a new
      letter -- and a new pile of games -- to the table, and I joined in,
      bringing out such titles as Ausbrecher AG, The Bucket King, Orbit, and
      OD (which still went unplayed).

      For 2006, I thought I'd attempt a different goal, one equally pointless
      in the larger scale of things but compelling enough to focus my mind for
      the next twelve months. That goal:

      End the year with no more than 12 games having been played a single time.

      Clearly hundreds of games exist that I won't play at all in 2006. Try as
      I might, I can't get everything I want to play to the game table. What I
      will try to do though is make sure that I don't play a game only once,
      then put it aside for the next twelve months in favor of something new.
      After going through the effort of learning the rules, I want to play a
      game at least twice in order to explore new paths of gameplay and
      remember the rules better for the future.

      I've already succeeded in this goal to some degree, playing new titles
      such as Mexica, Queen's Necklace, Ursuppe, Pyramiden des Jaguar,
      Carcassonne: the Castle, Square Off, Deflexion, and Invers multiple
      times in January. Heck, even Settlers hit two plays (both on Jan. 31),
      doubling my lifetime total.

      Why 12 games? Leaving a cushion of one game per month seems like a
      reasonable approach. Certainly I'll try games that suck with such power
      that a second play would be like torture; other single plays might be on
      someone else's copy of a game, and I won't purchase one of my own simply
      to meet this absurd goal.

      At the end of January, my list of single-played games consists of:

      6 Nimmt!
      Apples to Apples
      Carabande Action Set
      Fiese Freunde Fette Feten
      Go West
      Kapitän Wackelpudding
      Lost Cities
      Macher, die
      Reef Encounter
      Sitting Ducks Gallery
      St. Petersburg
      Viva Pamplona

      * Most of these games seem like sure bets for a second play: 6 Nimmt!,
      Amun-Re, Apples to Apples, Caylus, Jambo, Lost Cities, St. Petersburg,
      Tichu, Viva Pamplona.

      * FFFF and Reef Encounter have seen the light of day only after having
      been shunned for, respectively, six months, and 12 months, so second
      plays aren't guaranteed but should be likely.

      * Carabande is still set up on a table in my gameroom, so the Action
      Set should receive another notch shortly.

      * Go West seems to suffer the Colovini curse of being best with only two
      players, but my wife seems unlikely to play this again, so this is iffy
      without some real attention. I'd still like to try this with three,
      which means another play is possible if I push it at the right time.

      * I've vowed to play Die Macher again within two months after my
      introductory session at UG-X.2 and will soon arrange an all-day game
      session at my house to make sure this happens.

      * Kapitan Wackelpudding and Sitting Ducks Gallery might be tough because
      I don't own copies. Sitting Ducks is owned by a local, so that shouldn't
      be too difficult, but Kapitan W. was played at UG-X, so it might be the
      default January singleton come the end of 2006. Time will tell.

      Does anyone else have gaming goals for 2006 that they'd like to share?


      W. Eric Martin - TwoWriters.net
      "And neither mathematics nor death ever makes a mistake." - Yevgeny Zamyatin
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