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23212Re: [Unity_Games] SR - Porter Square Gaming 6/29

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  • Felix Rodriguez
    Jun 30, 2005
      >You may want to double check a rule or two, your scores seem really high.
      >In most 4 player games, the winning score will be in the low 70's or high
      >60's, with the other players as far down as the 40's or 50's (depending on
      >the game).
      >My guess would be that you were treating work value points as equal to
      >prestige points, when they should convert at 2 WV = 1 PP.

      I did actually double check it this morning... work value points were
      priced at 1 PP or 200 gold... so they were doubled. This meant things
      were a bit off (Best work, prestige and PP bonuses were undervalued -
      which actually hurt me and Amy the most) - and my final score was
      actually closer to 74.

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