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23156Re: [SR] GSG 6/21: Maharaja, Rumis x2, Medici, Linkity x2, Scottish Highland Whisky Race, Turn the Tide

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  • W. Eric Martin
    Jun 23, 2005
      Thanks for the report, Phil, but you forgot to write anything at all
      about merkins. Yes, merkins. Say it with me now: Merkins!

      (Anyone who is in the dark as to what a "merkin" might be is advised to
      check out the second item in the following link:

      Now on to the games and some filling in of details:

      > MAHARAJA: James, Eric, Bob, Steve, Richard

      > Mike won again, what a surpriseā€¦ OH WAIT! Mike wasn't even playing
      > (he wasn't even at this session). I don't know who won, but I
      > suspect it was James, as he was thumping his chest and nodding his
      > head toward the game's end.

      Alas, James thumped a bit too soon. I don't think he realized quite how
      much money I had as I was able to build a seventh palace before anyone
      else and took the win without even having to resort to the tiebreaker.

      I've played Maharaja twice now, and while the planning and route
      building agree with me, the ending of both games has been kind of a
      downer. In the first game, everyone knew a couple of turns before it was
      over that Mike would win; in the second game, I knew (if no one else
      did) that I would win a couple of turns before I actually did. There's
      no obvious catch-up mechanism, and once I was ahead on palaces and money
      in the mid-game, there seemed to be little that others could do to hold
      me back.

      I'm definitely up for playing the game again, if for nothing else than
      to see whether this feeling still holds.

      > LINKITY: Eric, James, Steve, Richard, Bob

      > I got the game name right this week. I have no idea who won, but
      > it's Eric's game, so I'll guess it was him.

      We played only one round, then stopped play to reassemble into different
      Voltron units.

      > SCOTTISH HIGHLAND WHISKY RACE: James, Mark, Eric, Berna, Phil, Steve

      > <snip> Mark, meanwhile, finally got out of Steve's shadow, and pulled
      > off a slic kmove when he used his 2-step whisky to go backwards and
      > then sold a bottle for 5vp. He actually pulled this off one better
      > later in the game, first landing on the refill bottle, then using his
      > refilled 2-step to go backwards, and then sold his unfilled 2-step
      > for 5vp.

      But now we know that was an illegal play -- and if we had read the note
      for the 2-step whisky bottle, we would have realized it then as well.
      Disallowing this move would have put me and Mark in a tie, but he had
      more malt, so would have come in second anyway.

      I really enjoy the "I know you know" double-thinking that goes on with
      choosing malt points for movement, but the game seems a little too
      fiddly with all the different whiskys and other markers. I still fumble
      with the explanation as there's a lot of things to fit in aside from the
      basic bid/move/activate a marker. Still, I hope you guys will be up for
      this again before too long.

      > LINKITY: James, Eric, Steve, Phil, Berna, Mark, Richard

      > <snip> Plays may be challenged; if this happens, a vote is taken, and
      > if the majority reject the play, then the card is taken back, the
      > offender draws two more cards, the stack of played cards is set
      > aside,and the offender starts a new batch. If the majority agree,
      > then play simply resumes at that point.

      Actually we weren't playing the challenges correctly. When you played
      "cabinet," I said "Hunh? How can cabinet go with milk?" but didn't
      actually do that as a challenge. I should have either kept my mouth shut
      or officially challenged you. In a challenge, whoever loses must draw
      two cards, whether it's the person who played the card or the person
      challenging the play. I straddled the line without risking anything.

      We did that pretty much throughout the game, but that doesn't seem to be
      a problem since the game is meant to be a quick, light entertainment
      anyway. Bogging down the game with endless challenges wouldn't be much
      fun. Playing the way we did -- in which a huge hue and cry went up if
      something didn't seem to match -- worked just fine.

      Phil, I'm in for Magna Grecia next week, whether or not anyone else
      wants to play. And perhaps I should finally play Modern Art, in honor of
      both "M" week and James' and Berna's final day at GSG.


      W. Eric Martin - TwoWriters.net
      "But then to what end was this world formed?" said Candide.
      "To drive us mad," replied Martin.
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