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23153[SR} GSG 6/21: Maharaja, Rumis x2, Medici, Linkity x2, Scottish Highland Whisky Race, Turn the Tide

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  • Phil Alberg
    Jun 23, 2005
      ATTENDEES: (11) Mark, Zach, Berna, James, Phil, Steve, Richard, Bob,
      Stephanie, Jeremy, Eric-4

      GAMES PLAYED: Maharaja, Rumis x2, Medici, Linkity x2, Scottish
      Highland Whisky Race, Turn the Tide

      It was a fine turnout for the first day of summer. And it truly was
      the longest day of the year for Jet (who got fixed, and was sporting a
      lampshade collar) and Bob (who will never play Turn the Tide again).
      Yes, I think I got the order right for those two parenthetical
      reasons. School's out, so Richard is up visiting from New Orleans
      until sometime in July.

      RUMIS: Phil, Zach, Stephanie, Jeremy

      Jeremy was anxious to try this spatial puzzle game, which seems to be
      a cross between Blokus and Pueblo. Each player has a set of 11?
      block-ish pieces. In turn, each player adds a piece to the board,
      with the provision that each piece after the first must touch one of
      her/his pre-existing pieces. The board footprint can be one of four
      types – we chose the L-shaped footprint, which has 33 spaces and
      stipulates a maximum height of 4 stories. As I said, players in turn
      add a piece to this 3D puzzle until they are unable to do so. Final
      scores are computed by counting the number of cube faces that are
      viewed from above, and subtracting 1 pt for each unplaced piece.

      Stephanie started in the bend of the L-shape, Z and I started in the
      long part, and Jeremy started in the short part. Jeremy and Stephanie
      were the first to have pieces reach the 4-story threshold,
      guaranteeing that they would score points at game-end. Z and I opted
      to expand horizontally; my thinking was that I wanted to have a
      greater number of piece laying options later in the game, and figured
      that a stretched foundation would accommodate this strategy. A wall
      soon developed, blocking Jeremy from reaching the longer part of the
      L-shape. He was doomed, and finished with 4 unplaced pieces.
      Stephanie had little choice late in the game but to play a piece which
      setup Z for a nice placement of his T-shaped piece, whose top-story
      faces gave him 3 pts. However, this was not quite enough to overcome
      my diversified placements. Final scores (faces – leftover pieces)
      were something like: (11-1) 10, (10 – 2) 8, (7 – 2) 5, (5 – 4) 1.
      It's an interesting game, but not very forgiving if you get blocked
      from the rest of the board.

      MAHARAJA: James, Eric, Bob, Steve, Richard

      Mike won again, what a surprise… OH WAIT! Mike wasn't even playing
      (he wasn't even at this session). I don't know who won, but I suspect
      it was James, as he was thumping his chest and nodding his head toward
      the game's end.

      MEDICI: Jeremy, Phil, Berna, Stephanie, Zach, Mark

      Being that it was the beginning of the 'M' fortnight, I was actively
      looking to play a game that fit this category. I lobbied for Magna
      Grecia, but got spurned by comments that it was too dry. IT'S NOT
      DRY!! (…if I can't play this with my gaming group, with whom *can* I
      play this wonderful game…) In the end we didn't want to split into
      two groups, and so we opted for this classic Knizia auction game.

      I got a lot of good stuff cheap in the first round, and took second
      place in ship size with 16 to zoom to a 10 pt lead. While Mark had
      the largest ship, he was spread thinly in three commodities, and so
      ended the round in second place. Berna seemed skittish to spend any
      money and wound up not advancing far in the round. In the second
      round, Z took one for the team, denying Jeremy the last metal he
      needed to reach the 20 pt bonus. At the end of the second round we
      were all within 20 pts of each other, with Jeremy slightly ahead of
      me, and Z bringing up the rear. The third round was kinda goofy, with
      eight cards being discarded (meaning there weren't enough commodities
      to fill all ships), three of us having ship scores in the 20's, and
      Mark getting squat (he only had 3 goods in his ship). I wound up
      overspending a little for a 5-4-4 combination that gave me the 20pt
      bonus in cloth and put me one space away from the 10pt bonus in spice
      (which I eventually obtained). I spent 25 for this lot, but might
      have been able to buy if for 21. I just wasn't sure if Berna would
      take one for the team and lay down a Brian bid of 24, so I bid a
      little higher just to make it more unappealing for her. Berna wound
      up edging Stephanie for the best ship, and coupled with her 20pt bonus
      in dyes made a very good comeback. However, Jeremy and I both scored
      well in two commodities, and ended up tying for the win! Final scores
      were something like: 97, 97, 85, 72, 70, and 69.

      LINKITY: Eric, James, Steve, Richard, Bob

      I got the game name right this week :-). I have no idea who one, but
      it's Eric's game, so I'll guess it was him.

      SCOTTISH HIGHLAND WHISKY RACE: James, Mark, Eric, Berna, Phil, Steve

      The Coronas were flowing, and Eric was keen to show off his new player
      aids (which are available on BGG), so we strapped on our kilts and got
      ready to tussle over some home-brew. I drew first blood, scheming my
      way past Eric grab the 6 malts (by way of my 2-step whisky), and then
      trading in my empty bottle for 5vp on my next turn. Unfortunately, it
      was all downhill for me after this. Steve and Mark bid the same
      amount of malt on each of the first three turns and couldn't make much
      headway. James held back, conserving malts while waiting for the
      right opportunities to advance. I kept trying to get ahead of the
      English soldier, and wound up spending a whole lot of malt without
      anything to show for it. I did buy the +1 malt whisky, only to have
      James successfully battle me for it later in the same turn. My
      subsequent attempt to re-obtain the whisky on the next turn was
      stymied when we both revealed the same amount of malt. Mark,
      meanwhile, finally got out of Steve's shadow, and pulled off a slick
      move when he used his 2-step whisky to go backwards and then sold a
      bottle for 5vp. He actually pulled this off one better later in the
      game, first landing on the refill bottle, then using his refilled
      2-step to go backwards, and then sold his unfilled 2-step for 5vp.
      James, too, seemed adept at landing on the selling spaces, and wound
      up selling three bottles by game end. Everyone sold at least one
      bottle, except for Steve, who seemed content to hold his whisky and
      his malt (he got the 3vp bonus for finishing with the most malt).
      Eric surprised everyone late in the game by racing past the English
      soldier by bidding 16 malt! This put him on the end space, netting
      him 8vp. James finished in second and Berna was third. But the VP
      totals yielded different results: James edged Mark by a point! Final
      scores were: 19, 18, 15, 14, 10, and 9.

      J: 3x5, 0x2, 0vp counters, 4vp finish = 19
      M: 3x5, 0x2, 3vp counters, 0vp finish = 18
      E: 1x5, 1x2, 0vp counters, 8vp finish = 15
      B: 1x5, 3x2, 2vp counters, 1vp finish = 14
      P: 1x5, 2x2, 1vp counters, 0vp finish = 10
      S: 0x5, 3x2, 0vp counters, 3vp malt = 9

      Several questions arose during the game. Eric posted these on BGG,
      and got a fairly quick response from the designer!


      TURN THE TIDE: Richard, Stephanie, Jeremy, Bob

      This is the new version of Land Unter. Jeremy posted a full session
      report on BGG:


      Final scores were: 9, 8, 8, and 1. Bob did *not* like this game.

      LINKITY: James, Eric, Steve, Phil, Berna, Mark, Richard

      This is a card game where each card has a single letter and the deck
      consists of 80 cards. There are a total of three rounds. The player
      with the highest score leads a card and states a word that starts with
      the played letter. Then in real time, each player attempt to play a
      card and state a word that somehow relates (links) to the previous
      word. Players attempt to get rid of their cards, but cannot play
      successive cards. The round ends as soon as one player is out of
      cards. Each player receive 1 pt for each card left in their hand, and
      the player with the lowest aggregate score after three rounds is the
      winner. Plays may be challenged; if this happens, a vote is taken,
      and if the majority reject the play then the card is taken back, the
      offender draws two more cards, the stack of played cards is set aside,
      and the offender starts a new batch. If the majority agree, then play
      simply resumes at that point.

      I wish there was some way of recording the word linkages while
      playing, but play is too fast and furious to support this aim. Both
      James and Eric are insanely quick at this game! Eric won the first
      round, while James won the last two rounds and took the win. I got
      stuck with two J's during the second round, and focused on trying to
      get rid of them instead of the other 5 or 6 cards in my hand (how many
      cards do we each get, anyway?) I'm a step too slow for this game,
      especially after my brain turns off at night. I played 'M' for milk,
      as someone had played 'D' for drink, but Mark beat me by playing 'S'
      for slurpy. My fellow gamers deemed that milk is not slurpy, so I had
      to take more cards. Richard tried to play 'N' for neuro-rat (after
      'R' for rat), and that was also rejected. However, I succeeded in
      playing 'F' for frappe after Berna had played 'C' for cabinet (which
      was in response to 'F' for file) – you gotta love RI terminology (for
      those who are clueless, cabinet and frappe are both alternative names
      for milkshake). This was a very fun game that I'd like to try again
      when I'm more awake. Oh, and I apologize for yelling out my answers;
      I guess the pressure and success of thinking got to me.

      Thanks for hosting, Mark. We'll be at Mark's again next week.
      NOTE: ** This will be your last opportunity to game with Berna and
      James before they head to Minneapolis. **

      Eastern MA Gaming, Unity Games 10 - TBD

      "When playing a game the goal is to win, but it is the goal that is
      important, not the winning."
      - Reiner Knizia
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