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23051email contact help needed

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  • Pitt Crandlemire
    Jun 2, 2005
      I need to get in touch with the following people for whom I don't have an
      email address.

      Rob Daviau
      Don Dodge
      Dave & Anne Fisk
      Pat Flory
      Brian Hanechak
      Bill Romaniecki
      Joe Rushanan
      Dave Tassinari

      I believe most of them are here (or are known to folks here). If they
      could contact me or anyone could send me any of those email addresses
      offline, I'd appreciate it. See, I've got this great marketing opportunity
      and I want to let them get in on the ground floor...;-)

      Actually, it's strictly gaming event-related and I just need to give them a
      heads-up. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks.

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